No. 1 (24) January-March
 /  No. 1 (24) January-March

No. 1 (24) January-March

Rhetoric and Art

Thanks to financing obtained from the “Index Plus” programme organised by the Minister for Science and Higher Education, this edition of the “Forum Artis Rhetoricae” is available in English on the PRS website.

  1. General Editorial
  2. Editorial
  3. Visual Rhetoric. Perspectives and important issues
    Agnieszka Kampka
  4. On the threshold of modernity. The Renaissance art of mnemonics
    in the “Dialog about memory” by Lodovico Dolce

    Joanna Pietrzak-Thebault
  5. From Rhetorics to Aesthetics. Alexander Gottkieb Baumgarten’s “Aesthetica”
    Piotr Kozak
  6. Photographical lie, or about persuasion in photography
    Małgorzata Jakóbczyk
  7. Argumentative mechanisms in advertising
    Annalisa Cattani


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