No. 4 (27) October-December
 /  No. 4 (27) October-December

No. 4 (27) October-December

Rhetoric between Middle Ages and Renaissance. A summary of previous issues

Thanks to financing obtained from the “Index Plus” programme organised by the Minister for Science and Higher Education, this edition of the “Forum Artis Rhetoricae” is available in English on the PRS website.

  1. Editorial
  2. From Academia Istropolitana to the Jagiellonian University.
    History of Rhetoric in Hungary, Slovakia, Bohemia and Poland
    in the 14th and 15th century

    Jakub Z. Lichański
  3. The Latin Manuscripts and Old Prints connected with Silesia
    nowadays preserved in the Archive of Jasna Góra Monastery

    Beata Gaj
  4. The summary of all issues from the first to twenty-third
    (Jakub Z. Lichański)

Publisher: Department of Rhetoric and Media, Polish Rhetorical Society, DiG Publishing


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