No. 4 (31) October-December
 /  No. 4 (31) October-December

No. 4 (31) October-December

Persuasive Texts as Objects of Linguistic Reflection

  1. Editorial
  2. Elegant Seduction: Remarks on Symbolic Refi nement of Products in Advertising
    Joanna Golonka
  3. Anarchistic Rhetoric Against the War. About Emma Goldmann’s Speech of
    June 14, 1917 Against the Forced Conscription in the U.S.A.

    Manfred Kienpointner
  4. “Making a Way out of No Way”. Martin Luther King’s Proverbial Rhetoric
    for Human Rights

    Wolfgang Mieder
  5. One lies in German, if one refuses politely? An analysis of rejection letters
    to applicants in the light of the falsehood theory

    Joanna Szczęk
  6. Can the judge become the defendant? Cicero’s First Oration Against
    Verresas as a Defense of the Senatorial Order – Analysis from the Point of
    View of the Mental Space Theory

    Justyna Rudnicka, Przemysław Staniewski


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