[Res Rhetorica] Rhetoric of Silence (call for papers)
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[Res Rhetorica] Rhetoric of Silence (call for papers)

[Res Rhetorica] Rhetoric of Silence (call for papers)

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Rhetoric of Silence

 Redaktor prowadzące/Issue Editors:  Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska (molekk@uni.opole.pl), Klara Szmańko (klarka@op.pl)

In its original signification captured by the 1964 Simon and Garfunkel song, “the sound of silence” stands not only for thwarted communication, inability of people to communicate, the dissonance between speech and silence, but also alternative, non-verbal means of communication, hinting at a whole myriad of possibilities to makemeaning. Possible lines of investigation into the rhetoric of silence may include variations upon the following research themes:

  • communication breakdown and dissonance,
  • non-verbal representations in language, sign language,
  • the subaltern, suppression of the voice and reclaiming of the voice,
  • the unspeakable in trauma studies,
  • the significance of speech and silence in literature and oral poetry,
  • the postmodern denigration and appraisal of various senses,
  • storytelling and submerged narratives,
  • reading between the lines, meaning without saying
  • innuendo, implicature and figures of speech
  • shame in survivor studies,
  • the aural, the auditory, the visual,
  • refusal to have dialogue in interpersonal or transnational relations,
  • the significance of silence in public discourses and negotiations.


  • termin nadesłania tekstu: 30 czerwca 2020 roku /submission deadline: June 30, 2020
  • planowany termin publikacji: grudzień 2020 roku /target publication date: December, 2020.


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